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5 best ERP Systems for SMEs in USA

Published October 11, 2022
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Are you on the hunt for a stable and efficient ERP System in the United States of America for your small business? If so, then are you trying to take your business to new heights? Are you planning to be the best in business?
You’re just in the right place to get answers to all your questions.

In today's age of digital transformation, more and more companies are benefiting from enterprise resource planning software (ERP software). In fact, most companies cannot afford to sacrifice the automation, integration, and efficiency of integrated business management systems. For this reason, companies are not asking themselves what to do, but who to go with.

ERP systems are a combination of business applications designed to streamline an organization's operations, including finance, sales, and operations. Financial management functions such as payments, receipts, general notes, and asset management. Duties include order management and making contact.

Let’s discuss the best options that we have in ERPs to implement:


NetSuite is a scalable global enterprise management ERP that provides real-time data in a multinational and multi-subsidiary manner. It helps global companies increase their productivity with the flexibility to help with specific corporate and subsidiary needs. Financial and accounting regulations, compliance and compliance reporting, real-time analytics, order management, invoicing, and spreadsheet management are some of its most prominent features.

Notable Features:

Full transparency: Users can manage all their subsidiaries, business groups, and legal devices in real-time from anywhere in the world, so they are not overwhelmed.

Guaranteed compliance: Ensure users comply with country-specific and global control and tax standards to keep everything in order.

Customizable Tax Module: Users have access to pre-assigned tax codes for over 50 countries with customizable tax attributes to maintain regulation.

Work with multiple currencies: NetSuite provides more than 190 currencies and multiple payment methods to keep up with payments for different countries and regions.

Project Monitoring: The project management tool provides 24/7 collaboration between project managers and teammates, as well as real-time project status so users never miss a beat.

Updated Timesheets: Archive fully updated timesheets with the Journal Management Tool, whether in the office or on the go.

Sage ERP:

Sage ERP enables its users to collect data from various workflows and use statistics to identify and facilitate operations. Automation can be implemented between processes such as sales and financial management, reducing manual time spent on data entry and tedious communication between departments. For example, at Sage, the sales team can provide discounts on products and immediately reflect them in the financial system when payment is received. It has on-premise and cloud-based usability and serves every industry and business of every size. Users can customize it to their specific business needs and enable API access to external services.

Notable Features:

Efficient Operations: Sage ERP gives users control over various phases of their business, such as lead generation, customer delivery, and alerts. These processes automate workflows so users don't have to enter data manually. For example, when a transaction is completed, Sage creates an invoice based on this data and sends it to the recipients.

Data Visualization: Create dashboards based on the events that trigger this device. There are more than 400 standard reports to choose from and can even allow filtering of predefined information, allowing users to visualize operations and quickly retrieve important data.

Compliance: Maintain compliance with various security standards such as LDAP, OAuth2, and SAML2.

Mobile App: Available on Android and iOS devices, this app has an HTML5 interface that allows users to customize it to fit their organization's needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a group of business applications. It helps users manage their business and improve their results with AI-driven insights. Users can gain a 360-degree view of their organization and break down organizational barriers by sharing data across all departments. It also provides customer and business insights that guide users to better results. Comprehensive modules support sales, operations, service, business, and marketing. It has smart marketing and sales inclusions that nurture leads and build customer relationships.

It allows agents to personalize interactions through automated workflows. Field service processes are supported and use insights to prevent sustainability. It helps users improve financial performance and streamline operations.

Notable Features:

Improve Profit and Conversion Rate: Filter popular customers with lead tags based on advanced models.

Increase response rates: Encourages peer introductions to meet, email, and collaborate with prospects, increasing response rates.

Shows how customers interact: Recommends talking points and shows salespeople how customers read their emails, allowing users to reduce response time and be more proactive.

Data Integrate: Integrates with Linkedin Sales Navigator to integrate relationships and data for better relationship management.

Contact Tracking: Use interactive organizational charts to visualize relationships and track contacts. Personalization of sales documents: Personalize sales documents and work with sellers.

Reduce time spent on content: recommends relevant content and trains salespeople to sell it.


Odoo offers more than 10,000 integrated business applications for website development, sales, business operations management, and employee productivity. They are available for cloud or on-premise deployment and offer implementation services. It suits companies of all sizes and budgets. The open-source model and strong technical base are developer-friendly and can be customized by users to their specific needs. This makes it great for businesses with unique needs.

This relatively low cost of ownership and the ability to centralize all business processes provide many opportunities to reduce costs. Integration capabilities allow the user to work from a centralized location, ultimately saving time in the organization.

Modularity: Odoo offers a range of applications to meet different business needs. These tools can be integrated and added to the system based on the company's individual process.

View: This program has its own control panels that allow users to quickly visualize actions. These visualizations can include data such as available job assets, inventory movement, and customer performance metrics.

Productivity: This system targets different business processes by integrating different applications or modules. By connecting these workflows, companies can automate multiple tasks and free up employees' time for other tasks.

Notable Features:

Order Optimization: Odoo Inventory is an efficient way to optimize orders and simplify inventory management. Users will be able to streamline the supply chain by tracking inventory movements and automating Request for Quotations through this program.

Access: Odoo can be deployed through the cloud, which can be accessed by users in different locations and on different devices. The program is also open source, meaning companies can customize the solution to meet unique requirements.


ZOHO One is a unified platform to run your entire business. It gives you 40+ integrated applications to manage, connect, and automate business processes across your entire organization.

Zoho One's unified user interface ensures consistency and continuity of experience whether you're moving from app to app or device to device. A contextual integrated structure can save employees time and simplify the process of gathering and processing information. The contextual, unified structure will save employees time and simplify the process of compiling and processing information.

Notable Features:

Create Awareness: Build your presence with our marketing apps to reach new customers and attract an audience.

Generate Leads: Zoho One offers all the applications needed to generate leads, close deals, and win repeat business.

Manage your Finance: With our professional double-entry accounting system, you can keep an accurate record of your accounts to monitor the health of your business.

Scale Your Business: Automate everyday tasks, and streamline data management. Get rid of tedious work and focus on building your business.


These are the best possible ERPs for your Small and Medium Enterprises in the USA. The best ERP system not only improves business operations or performance as well as provides a solution for its expansion by motivating employees and satisfying potential clients. The choice is yours to decide what you feel is best for your business but we are here for you just to provide an expert opinion.

At Consult 2 Manage we have professional developers who understand the requirements of clients and ensure their satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if you are in California, Texas, Florida, or Washington, we provide services all over the USA. Reach us out for a free consultation.

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