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8 reasons to choose Odoo for customization

Published October 11, 2022
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As you all know, Odoo is a leading open-source solution. Odoo is nothing more than a set of open business applications written in the Python programming language. This was formerly known as Open ER. Odoo offers you its own proprietary software solution.

Customizing Odoo is one of the most challenging tasks in the ERP sector. others may be looking for boxed solutions, but this can bring new problems in the long run. Companies need to understand that the latest ERP solutions are the ones that are commonly created.

It is a well-known fact that customizing Odoo has many benefits and can truly automate and streamline the business process of a business/enterprise organization. By adopting Odoo ERP to the company's requirements, the number of failures and training efforts can be minimized.

  1. Process Extension

As you all know, every business is different from one another. Not all processes are equal and they might require some customization to work better and efficiently. A Business process might need to be extended to offer a new feature or functionality. The new feature or functionality requires the Odoo platform to be customized. Also, process extension can improve teamwork and unity within the system, improving productivity and efficiency.

  1. Other functions

As time changes, each business process needs some improvements or enhancements, but each improvement needs to streamline the existing process. No employee wants to work on 3 screens at once and no one wants to see more mailboxes. It often happens that these things can easily disappoint employees. To get the most out of your ERP solution, you need to include additional features in your ERP workflow. With more features integrated into the existing system, this definitely improves the performance of the entire organization.

  1. Interface simplification

Nobody wants shrubs. The interface should be clear, concise, and attractive. A simple interface improves focus, productivity, and accuracy. This also applies to the Odoo ERP Customization Company. There are many cases where an employee must manage three or more screens or software to perform a simple task. The most suitable and useful solution is the Odoo customization.

  1. Identify the adjustment

Not all business or enterprise processes are the same. They hold different market identities and their reports, business brochures, social media activities and other forms of data reflect their identities. In order for companies to gain a unique identity, they must make adjustments to Odoo. Adjustment is needed to help companies impose their own identities on their shareholders and customers.

  1. Mobility

Not all ERP solutions are mobile. Nowadays, mobility is the main factor. For mobile traffic, the system needs to be adapted accordingly. With the help of Odoo customization, organizations can easily create an ERP system of a mobile nature.

  1. Invalid reporting

Good reporting on every process is essential to the success of any business. Without reporting, information can be difficult to obtain and analyze. Analytics is less useful when installed without the perfect reporting or automation tools. Without proper reporting, we cannot obtain any employee performance report or monthly sales report or monthly talent acquisition report, etc. If we do not receive these reports, we cannot plan any new customer relationship management or HR-related strategy. All of this will have a negative impact on the business and could lead to a lack of customer understanding, growth, or any other analytics.

  1. Increase the Adaption

Transformation is an ongoing process. However, we need to find new ways to make the business process more efficient. Adjustments are needed to support business growth. The market is dynamic in nature and systems need to be adapted accordingly in order to survive in this complex environment. This enhances the adaptive nature of the system and prevents the system from running out of fuel in the future. The more flexible or adaptable the system, the more adaptable the system can be.

  1. Increase life span of the application

Applications are the basis of the business process. They provide basic features and functionality. They help simplify the business process. In order for companies to achieve long-term success and application life, they must adapt their ERP solutions. Customization is one of the required services for companies that are trying to adapt their ERP to their needs. Thanks to adaptation, many companies give life to their work process.

Employees love customization because the system is tailored to their needs and productivity and efficiency are more likely to increase tenfold or more.

If you want to customize your Odoo ERP, Consult 2 Manage has a highly skilled team of Odoo enthusiasts who can provide you with the best solution possible, reach us for a free consultation.

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