Homes Theme Documentation

Please ensure that you have a HubSpot account to use this theme. If not, you can visit this link to create a HubSpot account.
You can either install your theme from HubSpot Asset Marketplace or a .zip file.
From HubSpot Asset Marketplace
If you're installing the theme from HubSpot Asset Marketplace, just click the Install for free button on theme page and then follow the instructions.
From .zip file

If you have a .zip file of your HubSpot CMS theme, please follow the steps below to install it onto your account:

  1. Login to your HubSpot account.
  2. On the top right, click the Settings icon (looks like a gear).
  3. Click Tools > Website > Themes from the left sidebar menu.
  4. You'll see the Upload Theme button at the top right corner of the screen. Click it and then choose the zip file you've got.

If you completed the steps successfully, you should see the Homes theme and its templates when you're creating a new page.

To learn more about theme installation, please visit HubSpot Reference Docs.


Homes has 1 ready-to-use page template for you, with 7 responsive modules


This template has been designed to be used on the homepage of your website. It contains the following sections and modules in order:

  • Hero / Slider
  • 3-column text with image
  • 2-column text with image
  • 4-column text with image
  • 4 Column with images
  • 3-column numbers stats, text with image
  • Contact Section

File location: /templates/basic-page.html


Homes has 7 ready-to-use sections.


Hero / Slider has 7 ready-to-use sections.

3-column text with image

3 column text on one side and image on the other

2-column text with image

2 columns, each containing image heading and text.

4-column text with image

4 columns Heading text and image

4 Column with images

4 Column with images

3-column numbers stats, text with image

3-column numbers stats, text with image

Contact Section

Contact Section

Add a menu to your website.
Theme Options

To edit a theme setting, please go to Marketing > websites > and select Homes theme page click on the edit button.

You can edit 2 global sections here, the Header name (Global Partial) and the footer.html.

This will open a pop-up, click on Open in global content editor. In the global header module, you can set the menu and logo.

In the footer global section, click on Open in global content editor. In the global header module, you can edit/change all footer content

Keep in mind that you'll need to click the Publish to ... assets button at the top right corner of the screen only if you'd like to make changes on all pages that are created with the theme.

Don't forget to click Apply Changes to let your changes take effect when needed. You can visit HubSpot Knowledge Base for more information regarding your theme settings.

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