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Faster Business Decisions by Creating Low Code App - Zoho Creator

Published October 11, 2022
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Organizations rely on digital innovation as a competitive advantage, and in most cases IT teams are responsible for delivering it. However, many of them fail due to the limited availability of skilled resources, constant operational pressure, and the avalanche of demands from the business side that are needed yesterday. Zoho Creator is a low-code app development platform that allows business managers to build the apps they need with little help or coding knowledge. Result? Rapid application development, less stress on IT teams, and an ecosystem that supports true business agility.

What's low-code application development?

Low-code is an application development method that includes visual user interfaces and ready-made code snippets instead of the traditional hand-coded method. Therefore, a low-code platform is one that allows users to build applications with little or no coding. It enables users to build business applications faster and with less effort.

Zoho Creator – A Game Changer

Zoho Creator, a cross-platform builder for enterprise users, supports the creation and management of a wide range of enterprise applications. The Business Process Management tool, based on a drag-and-drop scripting interface, enables extremely fast and simple application creation. This low-code platform allows you to build custom applications based on your unique business needs. There are many features in Zoho Creator and this post highlights some prominent features that give an idea of ​​its capabilities.

Prominent features of Zoho Creator are listed below.

Simplifying business

Leading business functions are responsible for revenue growth. Therefore, applications that help them simplify their core business problems will be critical to their success. However, most business managers create a bottleneck by relying solely on IT teams to develop these applications. With abstraction and control at its core, Zoho Creator enables business leaders to create any application on demand without being limited by their technical capabilities.

Streamlining processes

Internal order is necessary to deal with external chaos. However, business managers find it difficult to streamline processes, especially when managing multiple teams located in different locations. With Zoho Creator, they can design applications to implement, automate and optimize unique processes for internal and external stakeholders, to create clear ownership and improve the user experience.

Efficiency in decision making

Managers face a common challenge – they don't have the right tools to turn raw data into intelligent information. They are consumed by endless spreadsheets and pivot tables, resulting in delayed or poor decisions. With the help of Zoho Creator, business managers can collect data from various sources and feed it into customized dashboards for various stakeholders. This helps them access critical performance metrics to make the best possible decisions.

Improved business-IT Synergy

Most organizations experience conflict between their business and IT teams, and this conflict ultimately affects their business. Often the root cause of conflict is an overworked IT team with limited resources, leading to a backlog of requirements and unhappy stakeholders on both sides. With Zoho Creator, its role is transformed into a tool that enables business teams to develop applications within defined organizational boundaries. It allows them to focus on core technology aspects such as security and scalability without worrying about the application backlog.

Building a mobile-ready ecosystem

One of the biggest risks of digital initiatives is a lack of stakeholder engagement. With Zoho Creator, business managers developing a web app automatically get access to customizable native mobile and tablet versions of the same app at no additional cost or effort. This means that stakeholders can use the application in any form that suits them, leading to increased adoption. Zoho Creator continues to push the boundaries toward future-proof applications built on our platform, helping to shape a more inclusive ecosystem.

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