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Published December 23, 2022
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After implementing the strategy, it is compulsory to check out the states where we are, what will be the next step? All can be done with analytics and figuring out the weakness and strengths of the business.

Many CRM platforms provide analytics, but Zoho analytics is the most reliable and flexible. With this, you can check out the business's different aspects, including data integration, data preparation & management, Security& governance, collaborative analysis, and many more.

You can get actionable insights into your business and deep analysis helps you to make effective planning for business growth. We are going to explain the features and benefits of Zoho analytics. Keep reading!

If you have been using Zoho and are unclear about strategically analyzing the data, just contact Zoho Consultants; they will provide proper reports and explanations of data analysis.

Data Integration

Now, you can analyze the data with 250 data sources of Zoho. You have the option to connect data from web Urls, business apps feeds, databases, and many more.

  • Files & feeds:  You can upload the data from offline sources, including text files, XML, HTML, Microsoft Excel, and more. In addition, you can upload data from online platforms such as google drive, Zoho docs, OneDrive, Microsoft, and Dropbox.
  • Databases: Numerous relational databases hosted on-site or in the cloud can be connected. You can also link up with well-known NoSQL databases.
  • Business Apps: with Zoho convenience connectors, you can integrate business applications, including finance, HR, Help Desk, marketing, IT, and many more. Custom Apps: You can also develop a connector with data import and integration API and extract data from offline and online platforms for analysis.

Data Preparation & Management

Within Zoho Analytics, the self-service data preparation and management program known as Zoho DataPrep is completely integrated for your use. Having your raw data cleaned up, converted, and enriched will make the analysis simpler and more accurate.

  • Auto Model: Automatically identified data types are processed by this function. You may find and correct faulty data by getting ideas for combining datasets and creating custom data types.
  • Smart-Cleanse: You'll be able to improve the quality of your data by deleting duplicates and invalid entries, as well as filter out and cleanse data with the help of intelligent suggestions.
  • Transform: Your data can be formatted and altered without requiring any coding. Your data can also be reshaped using more than 250 transform functions, such as pivot, summary, unpivot, etc.
  • Enrich data: You have the ability to enrich your data by applying ML or AI-powered transformations, such as keyword extraction, sentiment analysis, language identification, and many more.
  • Catalogue data: You are able to Manage your datasets in several different ways, including by data quality, data readiness, categories, custom tags, and more.

Visual Analysis

 The presentation of data enables the user to understand all the aspects in an easy way—the Zoho analytics display data in various visualization tools.  

  • The plethora of visualization options: You have access to a wide array of charts, widgets, pivot, summary, and tabular views, all of which may be utilized for developing smart dashboards and reports.
  • Report creation navigation: Because of the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, producing relevant reports and dashboards enables you to understand the data.
  • Beautiful Dashboards: Use a tabbed dashboard builder to combine numerous reports into one. Images, text, widgets, and other site components can all be included in a customizable designer layout here. Facilitate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking for your executives and end users.
  • Dynamic & interactive: When conducting an ad hoc exploratory analysis, you have access to a wide variety of interactive choices, including the ability to view underlying data, drill down, apply contextual filters, and many more.
  • Geo visualization: Utilizing interactive map charts, you are able to conduct an analysis of your geographical data. Comparing and measuring key indicators, counties, regions, countries, states' postal codes, and even latitudes and longitudes are possible.
  • Image visualizations: You can improve your reports' visual appeal and readability by including imaginative graphic representations.

Augmented Analytics

Get immediate insights from your data by supplementing your analysis with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing and generation (NLP/G), and see what your data has to provide.

  • Zia Insights: You will be able to obtain contextual and actionable insights that go beyond visuals, presented in the form of consumable narrations with no interactions required.
  • Auto-Generated Reports: Generate a collection of helpful automated reports on whatever data you have with the touch of a button and immediately begin your research.
  • Predictive analytics: The values of your business's Key performance indicators (KPI) can be predicted using a model built specifically for them. After that, it's simple to foretell future trends.
  • What-if analysis: This allows you to simulate many possible outcomes and choose the best course for your company.
  • Data Alerts: Because of this, you will be more engaged because you will receive automated notifications on significant changes to your KPIs, anomalies, goal attainment, and other related topics.

Unified Business Insights

You are able to integrate the business data used throughout your whole organization, including but not limited to marketing, sales, support, and financial operations.

  • Easy connectors: It only takes a few clicks to link up to fifty or more of the most popular business apps. Automatically synchronize and unify data from a variety of business applications on an hourly basis.
  • Pre-built analytics: Your analytics journey may be started immediately with hundreds of helpful visualizations that have already been pre-built and give a bird's eye perspective of the health of your organization. You are able to construct your own ad hoc reports and dashboards to cater to your particular requirements.
  • Smart data blending: Integrate the data from several different applications in an automated manner. You are able to generate reports and dashboards using such indicators, providing insights that span your entire business from beginning to finish.

Collaborative Analytics

 Collaboration is something that can be incorporated into your data analytics using Zoho Analytics.

  • Sharable dashboards and Reports: Collaborate with your colleagues by giving them access to the reports and dashboards you develop and sharing what you've made with them.
  • Fine-grained access control: You will have complete authority over the data and reports you share with others, including who may view them and what they can do with the information they obtain from it.
  • Publishing and embedding: You have the ability to publish your reports and dashboards, making them available to users with and without logged-in status. In order to make reports and dashboards available to a broader audience, embed them into apps, websites, intranets, and blogs.
  • Commenting: You have the ability to initiate a thread for contextual comments and immediately communicate with colleagues on a report or dashboard. You are able to upload images, annotate those images, or go back at any moment to view the whole comment history, regardless of where you are.
  • Emailing the report: In Zoho Analytics, you have the ability to automatically schedule the sending of your reports and dashboards through email.

Data Storytelling

Your data can be used to make exciting stories. Display or publish analytical findings within the framework of well-known business procedures.

  • Slideshows: With Zoho Analytics, you can create presentations that provide an immersive analytics experience. To weave data tales for your audience, include rich narratives in the form of text, photos, forms, and so on, along with reports and dashboards.
  • Web portals: It provides a graphical interface of the portal; through the use of engaging visuals, you can make data analysis simple and unique for your users.


 Data, reports, and dashboards may all be accessed and interacted with from portable electronic devices.

  • Mobile app: In Zoho Analytics, your custom-built reports and dashboards are available for viewing and manipulation. Moreover, you may do this from any iOS or Android mobile device (supports both phones and tablets).
  • Dashboards app of Zoho Analytics: You may view and explore the dashboards in Zoho Analytics using a mobile app specifically designed for the purpose.
  • Conversational analytics: You have the ability to interact with Ask Zia in the form of a conversation in which you may ask questions and receive insights as answers in the format of reports and dashboards.

Security & Governance

In order to assist in keeping your data protected and safe, Zoho Analytics is controlled by stringent Zoho Security Practices. These practices include support for confidentiality, redundancy, backup and privacy.

  • Data security: The Zoho Analytics platform supports the concept of "privacy by design," which gives users a much greater degree of control over the information about them that is collected. Plus, continuous data management and stewardship are ensured by the enterprise-grade security features and governance structure provided by Zoho Analytics, which have been thoroughly tested and received accreditation.
  • Roles:  In Zoho analytics, you can get perfect demarcation for users, administrators and viewers roles at the account, workspace and org levels.
  • Data backup: Every day, the data you store in the cloud edition of Zoho Analytics is backed up in one of the data centres. You also have the option to perform regular backups.
  • Logging:  With the effective security process in zoho analytics, you can check logging entities. This helps assure safety and accountability and is useful when audits are being carried out.

Power Bi Vs Zoho Analytics

Power BI would have a relatively short learning curve for anyone already familiar with other Microsoft products because the software was initially built as an add-on to other Microsoft goods. Users will want some training in order to be able to achieve the particular customization they want, but Microsoft gives the materials necessary to do so, and there is an active online community to whom users can turn for assistance if necessary.

While Zoho Analytics is an excellent solution for businesses or organizations still getting their feet wet in the world of data analytics, to get started with it, you don't need a lot of training, and it gives the capability for more skilled users by providing them with the option to build their own unique SQL queries. When compared to Power BI, the learning curve for Zoho Analytics is lower; nonetheless, both products are relatively user-friendly for novices, much like the rest of the business intelligence software market.


You can prepare, analyze and connect data for actionable insights. With Zoho Analytics, you can check the result of different aspects of the business, including, data integration, embedded BI, Security & governance, collaborative analytics, mobility, visual analysis, and augmented analysis. After complete insights, you can easily make strategies for one step ahead of business growth.

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