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6 Important Features That Make Human Recourse Software Valuable

Human resource Software
Published December 28, 2022
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Are you seeking to hire more people? Has your current HR tool served its purpose?

Whether you're looking for new HR software or replacing an existing tool with more appropriate HRIS modules, well-researched requirements list unique to your firm is critical for a successful deployment. A competent corporation needs effective strategies to project ideas, and for that, they need software that can effectively coordinate human resources. These days, the majority of businesses seek out software for human resources to streamline procedures for their staff. Human resource software is a helpful tool for boosting HR performance and, consequently, the performance of the entire firm.

All administrative processes and responsibilities affecting the workforce are included in the attributes of human resource management software. These include anything from recruitment to off-boarding. There are innumerable procedures behind this that are becoming exceedingly challenging to deal with manually on paper.

There are several HRMS providers available, and picking the best one for your company might take some time.

With Zoho people & Zoho HR, you can manage your employees and make HR management effective & agile. If you are facing any issue while managing your human resource, just contact the CRM consultant.

Consider these six essential aspects of human resource software before investing in any of the available options.


Onboarding is a procedure for appointing new personnel to an organization. While managing data and other things, this procedure, which is the most crucial, also becomes the most challenging.

For maintaining online organization of personnel data On-boarding or Off-boarding, this particular module is crucial. The document repository, e-signature, and onboarding checklist are all provided by this feature.

Time and attendance:

Working in one of the organization's designated shifts determines their pay. Therefore, this function aids in keeping track of the time your employee spent working, enables them to mark their attendance, check-in and out, keeps track of their time, and aids in the application of leaves.

Performance management:

This function enables you to monitor the objectives and choices of your employees, monitor the performance of your staff, and gauge their level of competency. The performance administrators must be able to see the employees' deserving evaluations and provide them with feedback on their job in this.

Payroll integration:

As the pay will be determined by their data on time and attendance, this function must tightly coordinate with the time and attendance feature. To prevent any misinterpretation, payroll integration input must always be available in the system. The payroll system needs to be fully automated.

Employee self-service portal:

A reputable organization gives its employees the greatest, most portable solutions to keep track of their daily job history. Employees must have access to a personal dashboard where they can manage HR procedures like leave requests, attendance tracking, logging in and out of the organization, changing their data, and managing approvals.

Real-time reporting

This characteristic is of utmost importance and value in forming a business. To prompt a firm, it must become familiar with all the benefits and drawbacks of it, as well as the issues that arise, their causes, and appropriate solutions. You require a Real-time reporter for this. This aids in keeping abreast of any "WHY'S" occurring within the company. Why are people departing, why the ratio changing for the better or worse is, why there are more absentees, why people are happy or unhappy, how the work is processing in the company, etc?


To increase the effectiveness in the new setting, solutions are required. We hope this information has helped to clarify the drivers behind the current digital HR revolution, the advantages it provides to every organization, and the most widely used solutions for resolving issues in the hiring and HR departments. We hope that our explanation of an HRM system and its primary duties have been helpful.

One of the first stages in locating an HRM system is to assess your company's demands. Once you've determined what you require, selecting and eliminating suppliers possibility becomes a lot easier. Use ZOHO- Human resource software to construct people management systems that monitor, assess efficiency, organize, and anticipate human needs based on system data.  An excellent place to start is using our HRMS needs a template. You may select your most desired HRMS features and check which options best meet your requirements.

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