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How To Add Birthday Field to Hubspot?

How To Add Birthday Field to Hubspot?
Published November 10, 2022
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HubSpot is a software company that provides professional tools to manage business operations worldwide. This platform offers various practical tools including customer relationship management (CRM) systems, ROI, lead management, and social media kit. Furthermore, HubSpot delivers free courses and consulting services to assist how in boosting progress and ROI.

Well, in this article we will discuss how to add a birthday field in HubSpot, you can send ecards, customized emails, and greeting to customers. We discussed some relevant FAQs that resolve your confusion if you will have one, so keep reading and get the solution.

Add birthday field to hubspot with simple 6 Steps

It should come as no surprise that giving HubSpot a birthday field can help you remember your clients' birthdays and offer them unique messages on their special days. But for this, you have to learn how to add the Birthday field to hubspot. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps one by one.

Let’s start!

Step 1:  login or sign in to your HubSpot account

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Here you have to add your username and password. After login, you will see the dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the Settings icon above the menu bar

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Step 3: Click on the Properties under Data Management from the sidebar

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Under the data management option after a little bit of scrolling, you will find properties, you have to click on them.

Step 4:  Click on the create a new property for a specific field

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Step 5: Now provide basic information and click on the next button

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When you will create the property, you will have to fill simple basic info form. After that you have to create property according to your preference:

  • Contact as select objective type
  • Contact information selected as a group
  • Birthday date select as Label
  • Provide a description if you want

After providing customized information you have to click on Next.

Step 6: Select Field Type – Date Picker and Tap on Create

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After tapping on Next, you will go to the field type.

In Field Type, you have to select Date Picker, after selecting date picker you’ll get a preview, you just have to tap on Create and that’s now you have added a birthday field to HubSpot.

If you will face any problem while creating a birthday field, don’t worry we are just one click away. Our Hubspot Consultant will assist you and create a birthday field on your behalf.

How to Add Birthday Field to Your HubSpot Profile?

With the help of the above guide, you have created a birthday field for your hubspot profile. now, how can you add your birth date to your contacts? It is very easy you have to follow a few steps:

  1. Open and login to your account
  2. Then you need to tab on settings under the user profile
  3. In the setting, you have to select the profile and add a customized birthday field
  4. In the profile section tab on the birthday entry
  5. In the last type the birthday and click on enter

How to Send Automated Birthday Emails Using HubSpot?

The birthday field is a useful feature of HubSpot, you just have to set it one time then all greeting emails are sent automatically, which saves you time. How amazing it is! This action maintains the relationship with customers. Well, you need to upgrade your hubspot marketing and get a marketing hub professional then continue it. You have to follow some simple steps:

  1. First, you have to log in you HubSpot account and select the automation option
  2. Then click on the workflow option
  3. Now, you have to create a new workflow
  4. You are doing for new, so click on start from scratch
  5. Then you have to select contacts based
  6. Now you have to click on the contact date property
  7. Select birthday option
  8. Set up Delay now on the workflow page. This just determines when the system will execute the activity.
  9. Then you have to click on the plus (+) icon and choose an action and send an email
  10. Now it will review and publish your new workflow
  11. You have to turn on the re-enrollment, so the system will perform this action every year and your customer received a birthday greeting via email.

Why it is Important to Add a Birthday Field in HubSpot?

HubSpot is a practical marketing platform; it provides a number of marketing features and capabilities. You may send birthday emails to your clients and consumers, which is one of the key advantages. Well, it is the best way to maintain customer relationships.

You may also fully automate the procedure by purchasing a HubSpot membership.

Why Couldn’t I Find my Birth Date in Settings for My HubSpot Account? 

HubSpot does not ask clients to enter their birthdates when creating an account. By clicking on edit profile, you must manually input their birthday.

However, you have to check your email spam folders and check the email that has birthday information. If you don’t find any information you have to contact HubSpot customer support.


Now, it has become easy to create a birthday field to your HubSpot account. You just have to follow the aforementioned steps and create customize birthday field. By doing this, you can maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. Furthermore, you have to set it one time then your customers will receive birthday greetings via email every year on a specific date. well, we hope now the answer of your question: "How to add a birthday field to Hubspot" has been completed.

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