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How To Delete Multiple Duplicates in Zoho CRM?

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Published November 4, 2022
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Zoho software manages sales, support, and marketing in one CRM platform. While working, some records may be the same, and in case you cannot identify which records have been repeated, you can check on modules by using the duplicate tool in CRM. Zoho CRM platform has the functionality to find exact matches. In addition, you can do it manually in case of any conflict.

Check Below mentioned image. You can see the three exact matches; two records have different phone numbers but the same lead and company name. These are two types of duplicate issues. The first three records will be resolved and merged with CRM automatic functionality, prompting the user to resolve the issue in the last two records. After settling, the records will be merged. So, you have noticed that CRM lets the user know about the duplication of documents.

The duplication process works only when your entry in all fields (lead name, company, email, and phone number) will be the same. In this case, CRM automatically resolves the issues. But if you have to solve the same entry in only one field manually, the duplication process doesn’t work.

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Duplicate records

What exactly is a master record?

CRM will treat one record as the master record when performing the duplicate check. This record has been selected based on the most recent activity. This happens automatically and cannot be changed. For example, among five records, the one with the most recent activity will be treated as the master record to run the duplication check.

You have to follow the below-mentioned steps to merge duplicate records:

  1. Click the Module tab: Leads, Contacts, Accounts
  2. Click duplicate Module under Tools Moule in the homepage module option
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3. Click the fields by which you want to search for duplicate records on the Deduplicate [Records] page.

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It is amazing and very straightforward, you just have to select any three fields and see the magic, CRM will find out the duplication records based on your selected fields.

For example, if you will select company and email then CRM will find the records where the email and company name will be duplicated.

  1. Click on Find and Merge Duplicates:

A popup window appears informing you of the de-duplicate function. Click OK.

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  • CRM will automatically merge duplicates if they are exact copies of each other. In that case, the user is not required to take any further action.

  • It is important to note that in the case of auto-merge, the record with the most recent Activity Time will be regarded as the master record.
  • In case of conflict, you have to merge duplicated records manually.

Fix conflicts in de-duplication

In the de-duplicate process, a conflict considers a case and all filed within duplicates are not the same. Let’s take an example, in the case of David Smith all the fields have the same record but the phone number field shows different numbers. In this scenario, CRM will be unable to find the records to merge. That’s why you have to resolve it manually.

In de duplication, there are two ways to resolve conflicts.

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  • Immediately Resolve - When CRM displays a conflict popup, you can immediately resolve it by clicking Resolve Now.
  • Resolve later - If you are preoccupied with other matters, select Resolve Later. You will receive an email with the de-duplication details. The link will be sent to you via email, but it will only be valid for three days.

You will receive a de-duplicate record page after resolving the conflict. On that page, you will get a specific record of duplicated entries. Click view

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  1. Similar to the aforementioned example, there are two leads with identical field values other than the phone number. As a result, the records are listed as columns on the Deduplicate Leads page.
  2. Select a Master Record.
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Click Merge once the values that were in conflict have been resolved.

A warning message appears, informing you of the consequences of record merging. When you're certain, confirm the action. As shown below, the duplicates will be successfully merged.

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If repeated records are same in the all fields, then the CRM de duplications tool will resolve automatically. But if the record is the same but not in all fields then you have to resolve it manually. With the aforementioned screenshot, your question - How to delete multiple duplicates in zoho CRM can get two-the-point answer or solution in less time.

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