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            Build Automated Chat/Conversational Flows To Engage The Customers

Message Bird offers numerous products for various operations such as customer support channels, Flow Builder and Omnichannel Chat Widget which are easy and quick to implement and can be comfortably scaled to meet the ever-changing customer needs. Message Bird offers a wide range of products and services which can collectively cater to all your business needs be it seamless customer services or keeping up with the communications throughout various channels. Some of the flagship products and services that Message Bird offers include the Inbox, Conversations and Global2FA which includes support, guide, chat and talk features for customers. We at Consult2Manage have developed the expertise in utilizing these tools to their very best and obtain the optimized outcomes. Now let us take you to the details of the products and services offered by Message Bird that are essential for the growth of any business and particularly those that require maintaining communications in bulk. 


Inbox is a product offered by Message Bird that supports customers across various channels. A number of renowned communication channels such as Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Messenger, LINE, Instagram, WeChat, and Telegram are already integrated with the Inbox feature of the Message Bird and there are a lot more of new channels being rapidly added to Message Bird. Modern experiences are being created and empowered by modern support delivery systems to stand the test of time. The benefit of Inbox is that the support agents can see full customer relationship data to access a number of details like order information, delivery progress, appointments and bookings. All these details can be accessed through one omnichannel customer thread.   

You can integrate the tools with Inbox that you are already using. Inbox is a widely customizable tool and can be integrated with other tools like Zendesk and SalesForce. Inbox has integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Jira, and many more. You can also build custom connections via HTTP requests or webhooks to provide your agents with all the context they need, in one customer view. Customer profiles can be enriched with 3rd party data and customer issues can be escalated to your internal business tools. 

One of the latest features at Message Bird is that you can now boost your outcomes and efficiency with the new AI algorithm. Artificial Intelligence can be used to detect and translate the languages, predict the emotional context or sentiments, the intention of the text, and can also identify topics and provide the users with the suggested replies. You can always learn more about it in Flow Builder if you are interested. 

You can allow your customers to call you directly from your web application completely free of cost without having to install any dedicated software or downloads. You can also retrieve your customer profile automatically upon interaction and previous interaction history is also shown to the agent upon receiving a call from a customer that has a previous connection with you. One of the added features is that Inbox can automatically record the calls as well as transcribe them for maintaining a record. 

You can customize your interactions with the customers to provide them with the best support services ever. The Inbox allows you to create auto-responses so that the customers feel engaged at all times even if you are away for a while. You can set up your business hours to let your customers know about your active time and interact with you accordingly. You can also manage agent workload and configure ticket routing based on skill, language, and identify your most active channels, measure your performance against SLAs, and track ticket response and handling time. 

There are some other features of the Inbox such as Unified Omnichannel Thread using which you can see all the messages from a customer, all in a single threadacross every channel of communication like Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, LINE, and more. Full Communication History of the customers can be accessed by agents in every interaction so that the customers feel engaged and heard whenever they reach out to your support agents. These communication histories are fetched in a chronological fashion along with the topic, tags and categorization of every past chat with a customer. Integrations and actions enable the agents to view and resolve any customer queries and issues like refunds offered, requests made, complaints registered, being raised at different channels. With Rich Media Communicationyou can share much more information with your clients and simultaneously receive more contextual messages contained with rich media files like images, audio, video, location, and documents. Internal Notes enable you to share the internal notes about the customers to different agents while maintaining the chronological order and context in place. In this way, you can structure your customer’s preferences, sentiments, status, behavior trends or loyalty to your business that renders your future interactions with them more relevant and concentric. 

Omnichannel Widget  

You can turn your previously static pages into dynamic conversations with the application of the omnichannel widget on your web pages. The widget enables the customers to maintain the communication between the support teams on either the home page, within the apps, on Live Chat or any other messaging service. There are a number of communication channel integrations such as SMS, MMS, Voice, Email, and Live Chat. These are the conventional and oldest but popular communication channels that are a vital necessity for the companies and businesses to maintain their presence and keep their clients and users engaged for as long as possible. Additionally, Live Chat is a free feature that you can integrate and entertain unlimited conversations with your customers on your website at no additional costs incurred. Live Chat is a free feature forever. Other more contemporary communication channels like WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Telegram and many others can also be integrated to keep the conversations active with your clients. Globally, there are around 1 billion users for WeChat, WhatsApp and Messenger each which are distributed indefinitely around the globe. Such is the magnitude of the impact of these modern communication channels. And that is not all. Message Bird is perpetually adding more and more of such channels to cope with the ever-growing user bases. You can use Flow Builder to create conversation journeys or drive programmatic communication via API and keep the communications accessible through a single interface. You can now enjoy reliable, affordable and global connectivity with your customers without any hassle. This is a high quality, low-cost connectivity that is powered by around 240 connections with telecom providers around the world. Smart Routing Engine is maintained using a number of factors like originator, recipient and message type. This SRE engine determines the highest quality and most cost-effective route for your messages.  It also enables businesses to maintain one central inbox. 

Every communication transcript conducted across any channel is being compiled in Inbox while letting your customers use their preferred communication channels according to their own flexibility, feasibility and ease. In this way, each and every different channel being used by your customers bottom down to one central communication platform for your business i.e. the Inbox. It allows you to maintain the sanctity of unified business communication system protocols. 

Using the omnichannel conversational marketing, you can build automated chat/conversational flows to engage the customers depending upon their past trends and behaviors on your webpage or any other business platform. 

One of the greatest advantages of using the omnichannel widget is that it never lets a hot lead be missed and get cold. Your company agents can qualify leads through live chats or automated bots and quickly connect them to account representatives. You can notify the reps when a certain live chat with a customer turns into a potential and qualified lead. The agents can pass such live conversations directly to the reps and let the customer maintain the communication through any platform of their own preference. The reps can access the full past conversation across all the channels to understand the customer needs and preferences better. 

Some other communication products offered by Message Bird include Flow Builder and Numbers. Using your customized business details, you can structure your customer communication around the programmable, configurable SMS, MMS and voice messages supportive phone numbers. Phone number customer support is the fundamental and most used customer support channel used to resolve the user queries. Message Bird integrates the REST API to optimize your business communication. Incoming and outgoing numbers are masked to protect the privacy of the customers and employees and secures the personal identity details of both sides. You can create a number of data-driven workflow experiences using Flow Builder. For instance, you can create engaging and dynamic customer interactions like sign up forms, exchange of rich media files, enable the orders, or schedule your appointments on the communication channels of their preference like WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. Flow Builder is essentially a data complexity reduction tool. It builds meaningful connections between the data stocks of your company and triggers the pipelines to automatically have the data at exactly the right place where it needs to be to generate the yield out of it.    


Inbox has Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Messenger, LINE, WeChat, and Telegram—and we're rapidly adding new channels.

Programmable Conversations

Access the world’s most popular communication channels through a single API.


Structure your customer communication around programmable, configurable SMS, MMS and Voice-capable numbers.


Enable customers to communicate with your teams on your homepage, in your app, on live chat or any messaging service (WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, SMS, and more).


Automate notifications and provide support through our omni-channel Inbox or WhatsApp API, officially supported by WhatsApp.


More communication channels makes more happy customers
Share text, voice, images, locations, and more across our global service and connectivity network.


Slow, impersonal engagements are boring - say something bold, Automate small and big tasks, Reduce data complexity, Create experiences on every channel, Communicate with customers


Do more with MessageBird. Integrate pre-built SMS and Chat plugins into tools you already use.
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