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Message Bird

Message Bird is a customer engagement platform used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and more than ten million developers worldwide to build unique, personalized experiences for their customers. Message Bird is known for automating communication channels like voice, text, chat, video, and email through APIs, making it easy for every organization to build meaningful interactions with customers on the channels they prefer.
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MessageBird Overview

An interconnected network of Message Bird channels is categorized into seven major broadcasting classifications to help you recognize the significant differences that Message Bird can create in your customer relationship management ventures. Keep reading to know more about every channel of Message Bird and how C2M can incorporate these for your business.

Instagram Messaging
Google’s Business Messages
Classes for easy editing.
The Message Bird customer engagement platform is a full suite of software built to:
Integrate CMS with Business CRM
Set Up a Call Center CRM
Create Sender ID Management
Broadcasting Support Across Every Channel


Flow Builder

allows you to create more meaningful customer interactions on the platforms they fluently use with customized data pipelines, data cross-functionalities, custom Web Hooks & HTTP requests. It also lets you test and simulate flows, understand live performance, and troubleshoot issues.


provides Omnichannel customer service across multiple channels, automation with chat bots, smart ticket routing, AI powered intent and topic detection, custom rules, and optimization with live analytics dashboard, In-app SLAs, and live queue monitoring.

Omnichannel Widget

can be used to integrate Inbox with any or all of your business apps to enable customers to communicate with your teams on your homepage, in your app, on live chat or any messaging service (WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, SMS, and more). It empowers businesses to rapidly engage leads, fetch full customer context & insights immediately, and qualify leads through live chat conversations or automated bots, and rapidly connect them to account representatives.


is what “in-person” means in a digital-first world. Video application of Message Bird provides one-click video communication on any browser or device so that customers do not need to learn how to use your video tool. It is secure and encrypted to keep discussions private and compliant.

Consult 2 Manage has a certified team of Message Bird experts and developers to help your business take full benefit of it. We follow a thorough process from Discovery to Implementation to tailor solutions as per your need.

  • Discovery and understanding of your objectives that you plan to accomplish by integrating Message Bird with your business.
  • Evaluation whether integrating Message Bird addresses your business problems and enables you to achieve the desired objectives or not. In case it does not, we tailor a solution that best fits your business requirements. Otherwise, we proceed through the following stages.
  • Configuration of Message Bird and its customization in line with your business requirements and workflows.
  • Validation of the solution to ensure it is deployed seamlessly.
  • Implementation of the solution such that your business is now powered with Message Bird.

If you are interested in implementing Message Bird, please contact us by filling out the form below and our team of experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours to help you get started. We can’t wait to help make your business growth inevitable!”

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