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MuleSoft: Future of Connectivity

Published October 11, 2022
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Digital transformation in 2022 is a must, and for many business executives, that means adapting strategies to create powerful customer experiences.

That's why companies around the world are turning to platforms like Salesforce to deliver these strategic customer experience initiatives.

However, like most industry leaders like Salesforce, it's not a stand-alone app. Due to the demands of modern integration, the platform needs another cloud platform that can deliver data in a secure and usable format.

This is where MuleSoft, a cloud integration platform, comes into play. MuleSoft helps companies improve customer experience through data transformation, microservices, and multiple layers of abstraction with an API-driven architecture.

Let's take a look at how MuleSoft meets customers' evolving connectivity needs—and how C2M’s approach to integration improves business agility and contributes to enterprise-wide activation.

Digital Transformation is all about experience, customers, and data

Digital transformation (DX) is a data- and customer-driven business initiative. It aims to increase operational efficiency and increase revenue and brand stickiness by providing enhanced experiences to target customer audiences. However, these experiences are not just the result of the UI design process or the redesign process; they finally succeeded by putting the right data in the right format at the user's fingertips. What does it mean? This means that data must be available when delivered to a specific person, and a modern integration architecture enables data consumption.

Many business partners have forgotten the essential role of an agile integration architecture that serves a comprehensive digital transformation. While business standards provide reliability, consistency and fit into existing management models, they often do not offer the elasticity and innovation of DX programs. To truly transform, organizations must adopt a bimodal operating model where business and IT managers work together to create an integrated and modern technology roadmap – one with the agile capabilities that business groups need to achieve true innovation.

Integration can be a daunting topic due to its complexity, and the technical jargon of traditional integration methods can be confusing for stakeholders. That said, we often see companies doubling down on Salesforce as their single digital engagement platform with the ultimate goal of self-service. After all, the Salesforce platform has many clicks and configurations to run industrial business processes.

And let's not forget the role of the customer in these initiatives. At the end of the day, digital transformation is about customer 360, a holistic view of customer data, and understanding the entire customer journey through cross-functional business processes. C360 has two important components: cross-selling and greater engagement with B2B or B2C customers, and improving the internal experience of your own users (in most cases salespeople or customer representatives).

Front-to-back integration is required to enable both components and overcome significant real-time connectivity requirements. Moving data is not enough – enterprises need an architecture with data transformation capabilities and multiple layers of abstraction to manage data consumption. High-quality data also leverages intelligent predictive capabilities (Einstein Analytics), a key component in improving customer engagement and service.

Ultimately, it is important that IT departments act as change agents and business enablers. IT is often unprepared to meet the needs of change initiatives as teams rely on business standards that increasingly fall short of the desired outcomes of the modern change journey. or digital. While IT often works with business budgets, it's important to define an innovation budget that ensures agility and drives the modern architecture that characterizes mature, enterprise-grade cloud platforms. The future supports a bimodal approach to technology where business and IT teams are fully aligned and make decisions based on ROI.

API-Led Solution by MuleSoft for connectivity

Now is the time for business partners to consider these diverse connectivity needs and adopt one solution: the MuleSoft platform.

MuleSoft is an elastic, cloud-based microservices platform that serves vertically within a business group for innovation initiatives and horizontally as a business platform. It helps deploy fine-grained APIs that move companies to a consumption-based data model, increasing business agility, speed, and results. As a full API lifecycle platform, MuleSoft fundamentally changes the integration conversation, transforming end-to-end system-to-system integration into full-stack features that run through every sprint.

It enables companies to adopt a data model design that focuses on user journeys and customer processes and improves the developer experience. Such a model also protects against IT design, ensuring that business and IT teams are on the same page and making design decisions that meet customer experience needs in real-time.

What does this mean in terms of cost? First, with MuleSoft supporting a digital engagement platform like Salesforce, companies can save on the high costs of custom-building apex development and point-to-point integrations. APIs are also reusable – many MuleSoft users have experienced 40-60% API reuse after their first project, reducing development costs project after project. ROI is also related to time saved, and the API-based integration architecture delivers more progress in a shorter time frame. Improving IT to ensure business speed is the highest return on investment.

We at Consult 2 Manage embrace a domain-driven, full-stack development strategy when helping our clients integrate with MuleSoft. We contribute our assets and expertise so that businesses can hit the ground running with integration from day one, this means that enterprises don’t have to wait to be development-ready.

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