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Odoo CRM

The odoo silver consultant automates your lead generation, lead scoring, and allocation to sales teams and salespeople.

Odoo CRM Benefits

Configure your sales pipelines and organize your opportunities via odoo consultants. Create and send quotes and close your deals. Get reports and forecasts on all your CRM activities.

Get More Done in Less Time

With Odoo CRM, Odoo Consultant helps you, automate activities based on your sales scripts: calls, meetings, emails, and quotations. Get all information you need, right on the opportunity: page viewed, emails received, etc.

Real-Time Dashboard

With odoo consultancy will make sure you know exactly how you perform compared to your monthly targets. Organize your work based on scheduled next actions.

Accurate Forecasts

Use actionable data to make better decisions. Design custom dashboards to get a picture of your business at a glance. In this regard, odoo partners will help you to manage your business.

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