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Power of Power BI

Published October 11, 2022
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Data is what we see by eyes, visualize, incentivize, what we understand and even what we do not. Whichever sector you talk about works on data, talking about Education, Statistics, Philosophy, Physics, Astronomy, data is everywhere. However, this gigantic amount data is of no use until professionals leverage this data for advanced analytics and this is where Business Intelligence (BI) tools comes into play. We have Microsoft to thank for introducing us to Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is an analytics service to streamline and track business activities. Power BI users are connected to a broad range of data through simple dashboards, interactive reports and visualizations that allow them to understand data faster than using traditional bar and pie charts. It’s remarkable for a variety of users such as operation managers, analysts, business executives, and IT developers.

If you want to know how you can drive powerful insights using Power BI, this blog post is for you.

Almost every company nowadays is utilizing historic data to drive data-driven insights. So it gets difficult to understand the patterns to analyze and curate big chunks of data. Every other sector is on the lookout for an advanced analytics tool which is user-friendly and can-do meticulous analysis. At this point, Power BI tool saves the day for every industry.

How to transform productivity of your business with Power BI?

 Ever wondered how big organizations track their sales, financial or operational performances or how does data analysts shortlist what’s causing the problems? Answer is quite simple – Power BI.

It helps companies identify trends and helps them gain perspective. The uses of Power BI are diverse and countless. Let’s see some useful applications of Microsoft Power BI.

Data Consolidation with Power Query

It is not that simple to orchestrate and compile together huge amount of data from multiple sources. Power BI gives you limitless options regarding the volume, or nature of data otherwise aggregating data from multiple sources such as Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets and DWH can impose limits. Power BI offers all businesses – Power Query, where you have the opportunity to merge different data sets.

Create Graphical Reports

Power BI has enabled professionals to create highly efficient and dynamic visual reports, tables and charts with its Power View feature. Power View allows user to easily optimize ad-hoc reporting and present it in an appealing manner. It helps you develop compelling data reporting, exploration and presentation experience. Power View helps business with providing them informed and strategic business decisions.

Follow Trends and Patterns

The need for analysis and spotting the changing data trends and patterns also increases as the amount of data increases. It is extremely essential for a business to have a smart tool to make sure they are a step ahead. Power BI here comes again to the rescue by offering an in-built intelligence feature in Power BI dashboard. It reads your data and notice critical trends and discreet patterns. Furthermore, it is a very important tool to discover changes over time in profit and loss statements and sales revenue etc.

Visual Representation of WHAT-IF Scenarios

Executives of a company always need critical insights from historic business data. Analysts analyze and represent that data in visualizations. To address this need, Power BI is equipped with a powerful and innovative “WHAT-IF” technique. This feature enable analysts to project vital decisions based on Data Forecasting. It has the ability to help you practice your creativity by applying different scenarios to analyze how things would have been.

Power BI has Endless possibilities

Microsoft’s Power BI offer businesses more control over their data helping them in operations and gain an edge in the market. If you are planning on utilizing Power BI to smoothen your operations and streamline your overall business, reach out to our experts. Consult 2 Manage (C2M) will help you to develop a deep and best understanding of your business.

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