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RPA Overview

There are different operations/functions that can be optimized or automated with the deployment of RPA solutions. These RPA solutions can be categorized into five major segments to help you understand how they can create an impact in your business environment. Keep reading to know more about every segment of RPA solutions and how RPA consulting can incorporate them in your business processes.

Marketing Automation Models help you with email marketing automation and social media marketing automation solutions to let you generate high converting leads.

Data Flow Automation Models empower your business with a centralized cloud based data acquisition system to help you maintain a consistent flow of information, data, and files across different business apps.

Data Entry Automation Models automate the process of entering and sorting different customers and employees’ data into certain formats and file types so that you can focus on core business operations.


Customer Support Automation Models

Help you in responding to frequently asked customer queries automatically with various AI powered chat and voice bots. We have provided rpa consulting services for customer support automation models and prepared strategic plans.

Data Scraping Automation Models

This product of robotic process automation collects targeted data from a large stack of URLs and websites automatically for – time, error, and human resource reduction.

Browser Automation Models

This amazing product of robotic process automation Helps you with the optimization of your websites with complex database-backed portals.

Desktop Automation Models

consist of cognitively intelligent bots to respond to events in real-time and provide assistance or real-time guidance to the employees whenever they need it.

Consult 2 Manage has a certified team of RPA experts and developers to help your business take full benefit of it. The rpa consultants follow a thorough process from Discovery to Implementation to tailor solutions as per your need.

  • Discovery and understanding of the objectives that you plan to accomplish by integrating RPA solutions with your business.
  • Evaluation of whether integrating RPA addresses your business problems and enables you to achieve the desired objectives or not. In case it does not, we tailor a solution that best fits your business requirements. Otherwise, we proceed through the following stages.
  • Configuration of RPA solutions and its customization in line with your business requirements and workflows.
  • Validation of the solution to ensure it is deployed seamlessly.
  • Implementation of the solution such that your business is now powered with RPA solutions.

If you are interested in implementing RPA, take rpa consulting by filling out the form below and our team of experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours to help you get started. We can’t wait to help make your business growth inevitable!”

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