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Salesforce Pardot Overview

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation solution that helps businesses create meaningful connections, generate more pipelines, and empower sales to close more deals. We as pardot partner enable organizations to track and measure the effectiveness of their communications, gain insight into user behavior, and personalize content across campaigns based on any number of specific criteria through Pardot. With Pardot, you can:
Generate more leads and move them quickly through pipeline
Engage buyers on their terms with dynamic, personalized campaigns
Understand each step from click to close, capturing true marketing ROI
  • Streamlined Lead Management

    Increases engagement and sales faster by reaching the right customers at the right time. The C2M pardot consulting services provide a streamlined lead management strategic plan that will be helpful for your marketing efforts.

    Smarter Lead Generation

    Keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads using Pardot’s landing pages, forms, search tools, and social connectors. We as pardot consultants help you in achieving smart lead generation.

    Effortless Email Marketing

    Pardot helps you create beautiful email campaigns that deliver.

    Seamless Sales Alignment

    When marketing and sales are in sync, you can sell more effectively. The pardot consulting services Provide you clear guidelines about seamless sales and Alignment.

  • Seamless Sales Alignment

    With Pardot Einstein, marketing and sales have access to the full power of AI, allowing them to reach out to the right lead at exactly the right time.

    Insightful ROI Reporting

    Understand marketing's impact on revenue.

    Seamless Sales Alignment

    Gives you accounting tools to categorize transactions, track cash flows, and monitor your financial health. Zoho enables your company to create and send out the estimates to the relevant parties and also lets you create and send partial, project-based, or recurring invoices. Transaction matching option lets you match payments with invoices to keep an accurate record of accounts.

Consult 2 Manage has a certified team of Pardot experts and developers to help your business take full benefit of it. The pardot consultant follows a thorough process from Discovery to Implementation to tailor solutions as per your need.

  1.     Discovery and understanding of your objectives that you plan to accomplish by integrating Pardot  with your business.
  2.     Evaluation whether integrating Pardot addresses your business problems and enables you to achieve the desired objectives or not. In case it does not, we tailor a solution that best fits your business requirements. Otherwise, we proceed through the following stages.
  3.     Configuration of Pardot and its customization in line with your business requirements and workflows.
  4.     Validation of the solution to ensure it is deployed seamlessly.
  5.     Implementation of the solution such that your business is now powered with Pardot.

If you are interested in implementing Pardot, please contact certified pardot partner-C2M by filling out the form below and our team of experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours to help you get started. We can’t wait to help make your business growth inevitable!

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