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Plan you business journey with Salesforce Customer 360 Tools to boost your sales, service, marketing and customer relationship management for an enhanced an insightful business
Although CRM is a jargon, it has become one of most vital tools necessary to be equipped with for the growth of your business i.e. sales. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it takes care of the final goal of any business; to satisfy its customers. A well efficient customer relationship management platform caters for all the various aspects of customer interface be it sales and marketing or customer service afterwards. CRM helps in bonding with the existing as well as prospective customers. A well-structured customer relationship management system strengthens the existing client relationships and simultaneously allows the new client relationships to establish and evolve quickly. While CRM lets you handle such important and significant domains of your business, a quick and efficient CRM to establish and maintain is not an easy feat. We at Consult2Manage employ various teams of highly qualified professionals who not only build customized customer relationship management systems for you but also maintain the system throughout the process to offer your clients a seamless customer service which will attract them to deal with you over and over again in the future as well. have been improvising their tools and services drastically.
CRM integration is yet another progress in this regard. With regards to CRM frameworks, the expression "integration," in its very embodiment, implies the unification of both your marketing and sales processes to your CRM tool. This guarantees a consistent conjunction between the sales and marketing to optimize the outcomes. In its simplest structure, a CRM is an essential tool for keeping up client information through manual databases and registries; however, when synced with overall organization's frameworks of operations, these tools are key components for an enormous range of automation and robust business organization and strategies. Your life can be a lot smoother when your business operations, sales and marketing are all streamlined for full optimization factors. We at C2M utilize one of the best CRM software i.e. SalesForce CRM along with its numerous add-ons to provide your organization with the best and state-of-the-art integrated framework of operations. Here is an insight of as to what and how we can help your organization streamline like never before.
Speed up your sales by tracking the entire customer information and its dealing records all in one place
Be able to make the most accurate and thoughtful decisions faster than ever with the accessibility of the most updated information regardless of wherever you may be
Keep the customer engagement alive with the help of various IVRs and chat bots by automating or personalising your marketing at large
Be able to establish and deliver outstanding social experiences by routing them to marketing, sales and service
24/7/365 customer support teams to help assist all users from any range of business categories be it a small or business of even an enterprise

Small Business CRM System

The success factor behind all great companies is their great customer relationships management. Whether you want to get the basics sell better and help your customers or you want to customise your sales, deliver more personalized service.

Sales Automation Software

SalesForce Automation System helps you to sell smarter and grow your revenue from anywhere in the world by showing you the detailed customer information and behaviour patterns along with the sales trends of any area or population

Customer Support and Call Centre Software

Using SalesForce customer support software, you can get faster and reliable case resolution with a complete customer review. You can empower your customers with engaging portals and communities. You can keep up the communications on the fly.

Business Marketing Automation Software

Engaging customers with relevant and empathetic digital marketing regardless of your location is the key factor of any successful marketing campaign.  SalesForce lets you speak to your customers with the right message, at the right time
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