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Search Engine Marketing is one of the efficient strategies nowadays both for online selling business and offline operating business and services. The best thing about digital marketing is that one can regularly and effectively monitor and optimize it while the campaign is running.

However, for an effective ROI, one has to manage his marketing strategy in the most efficient manner. Efficient digital marketing includes proper search factors and clear highlighting of end goals definition. Yes, It’s true that optimizing marketing is possible but effective use of resources is the key here and at C2M, we have a dedicated team that can help you in this regard.


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Why C2M?

We have the capacity and understanding of various factors and models involved in search engine marketing channels. We do not merely use pre-defined strategies but optimize the existing strategies according to your business needs. We help you engage more traffic and achieve your desired goals with minimum investment possible.

The key platforms we deal in are:

  • Google Platform
  • Bing Platform and Other Services
  • Amazon Platform 

We at C2M have a policy of fair dealing so we always keep an eye on important factors and we always keep you in the loop.

Our expertise and services for Digital Marketing or Search Engine Marketing includes:

  • PPC, vCPM, or CPA Campaign Setup
  • Social Engine Marketing
  • Setting up Remarketing
  • Setting up Dynamic Remarketing
  • Setting up Google Analytics Advertising factors
  • Setting up Tag Manager
  • Keyword Research
  • Data Layer Setup
  • Key Goal and Event Setup
  • Ad Banner Setup

We can provide you with search engine marketing services in accordance with your business needs. We have the capacity and technical understanding to set you up with the best marketing strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is an advertising methodology that is used by search engines like Google, Bing , and other platforms to showcase the products.

How does search engine marketing work?

Search Engine Marketing includes different marketing models that include PPC, VCPM, CPA, CPM, and others. Further it require keywords and parameters to showcase the ad to the right viewers online.

What is paid search engine marketing?

Paid search engine marketing is a model in which we pay to get our ads showcased on the search engine.

How much does search engine marketing cost?

Well, the cost of advertising on the search engine is totally based on different factors. But the main one is the advertising model that you choose. Like the PPC model is based on clicks on ads. Whereas the VCPM model is based on the impressions.

What is CPC?

It’s an advertising model that is based on Cost Per Click. That means you will only be charged when some when clicks on your ad.

How do I generate leads through search engine marketing?

Lead generation via search engine marketing depends on number of factors. But with proper planning and research of parameters and keywords, this could be achieved. Further regular optimization of the campaign also helps to generate leads.

What are the best tools for Search Engine Marketing?

The best tools for search engine marketing are GTM, Google analytics, and Google ads console. Further to optimize and study competitors one can use more advanced tools like SEMrush and Ahref to find the trends of keywords.
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