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An extensive SEO audit by a professional will be the fastest and finest method to decide why your online site isn’t standing up as extremely as it ought to be. To get started contact us today.

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Our website SEO audits begin at $90 and so are 100% very clear – you generally understand specifically where your cash should go. Are you having problems position in the primary search engines like yahoo, and you’re unsure precisely why? C2M, a leader in search engine optimization, can perform the search engines optimization audit and create making make and produce an actionable method while performing SEO analysis to be of assistance improve your exposure on the net. Our SEO audit procedure includes:

  • A total analysis to examine your website’s strong points and figure out an SEO strategy.
  • Figuring out both the on-webpage and off-website components impacting on lookup positions.
  • A comprehensive SEO audit file, together with a very competitive scorecard, backlink file, and upcoming site technique.

Our Deliverables

Review of your existing SEO set up
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Tools to review)
Site auditor report to identify any errors from an SEO perspective
Observations of your current situation
Basic review of a handful of pages of your website from a SEO perspective
Debrief chat to go through report and set action plan
30 minute
60 minute
60 minute

What is SEO Audit?

There are a number of info files on your internet hosting host — like .htaccess, robots.txt and sitemap.xml to mention a few — which actually determine how search engines like google ease of access and index your articles. Boosting these info documents so they are configured appropriately could have a massive influence on your website ranking.


 The .htaccess submit is really a dispersed configuration file. This record lets you show and use configurations directives around the site. This record enables you to make contact with the pictures about how exactly customers and search engines are forwarded to specific web pages on the website, assist in custom mistake webpages and use 301 redirects.


The robots.txt record positioned in the cornerstone of any site helps prevent website spiders from accessing specific folders on your own website. You should comply with a particular file structure when enhancing this file. This file is normally useful for folders that reduce the type of your own website or folders offering a lifeless finish off to robots, like PDF data files.


 The design, SEO and sending of the sitemap.xml record allows online search engine spiders to enhance crawl your web website. Additionally, it may help website visitors using website SEO checker to quickly check your entire website for related information.

This file creates a hyperlink along with a quick explanation of this hyperlink for each webpage of your internet site, prioritizing each web page and providing a hierarchy of the most important webpages on the web site for the minimum important webpages on your internet site. 

C2M will acknowledge and find out the most effective technique to improve these data files to make sure good results and to improve SEO ranking. 

How do I get started with an SEO audit?

Simply call or email one of our website marketing experts with the contact info below to begin out your SEO website audit. Our company will work with you to determine which in our two internet search engine optimization audit support plans are ideal for your online site, then regimen the procedure when it’s healthy for you.

In the long run, we’ll provide you with a SEO rank checker and composed record in our personal final results, and walk you through the subsequent steps to have your online web site standing upright highly.

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