Top 3 Marketing Automation Solutions Pardot vs Marketo vs Hubspot Marketing Hub

Published October 11, 2022
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If you are looking for the right CRM platform, you may find that you are stepping on many online reviews, comparing pages with features, and looking for pros and cons. You don't have to spend all your time researching: we'll take care of it for you.

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Lead Scoring Capabilities


HubSpot has a sophisticated Predictive Scoring feature that uses machine learning technology to minimize the element of human error in evaluating potential customers. It creates an ideal customer profile and rates that openly contradict it through statistical analysis of past purchases and behavior. Using its machine learning technology, it can go through thousands of data points and set up a standard rating model to identify your most important leads. This is a godsend for the sales team because it can reduce the time required to gain qualified leads.


Marketo is also equipped with lead scoring capabilities. Unlike HubSpot, however, Marketo has no options for predictive lead scoring. You can still find Marketo competitive, even without this feature. However, you should make more effort to create your own model for lead scoring that takes account profiles into consideration.


Pardot, like HubSpot, has advanced lead scoring through the Einstein Behavior Scoring tool, which effectively identifies buying signals in past and current orders. It also enables the scoring of active prospects for the last 12 months. Scores generated by this tool can also be used in Engagement Studio to educate potential customers.



The most intuitive HubSpot platform is suitable for beginners thanks to its clean and highly clear interface. Within days of implementing the automation software, new users are ready to launch and help optimize the business process.

Another thing marketers appreciate when using HubSpot is that it reduces the need for developers to make any immediate changes. With the ability to host websites and built-in HubSpot templates, they can make their own edits or modifications.


Marketo is a little behind in terms of usability. While their tools are deep, they are not intuitive and can be difficult to use. The difficulty of using the platform may also require some people to obtain Marketo certification, which can be difficult to pass.


Pardot is similar to HubSpot in terms of user interface navigation and usability of its tools. As a result, both platforms are more intuitive and can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Integration Capabilities


HubSpot is a single point of contact with several hubs connected to its CRM software. Having all the information you need about your potential customers and clients in one place provides automation software that leads in terms of convenience. If you are not on HubSpot, you will need to gather the necessary tools through various combinations. No messy integration can compete with the various capabilities offered by HubSpot. HubSpot also provides the convenience of merging CRM through custom integration of Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics.


Marketo also has CRM integration possibilities with many CRM tools. And like HubSpot, Marketo also has Native Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics synchronization. If you need account-based management or use ABM for your business, Marketo can be a good choice.


Pardot has the ability to integrate with other CRMs. Pardot's biggest attraction is being Salesforce sub-brand, which enables seamless integration with this platform. Compared to this combination, there are no significant differences in how Pardot works with other CRMs.

Email Marketing


Automation software can improve email creation capabilities and testing features. These qualities can be an advantage in efficiency and marketing effectiveness. HubSpot is popular in this area, with a drag-and-drop email editor. With this tool, marketers can easily create well-designed emails and even design email templates that they can use over and over again. However, your daily and monthly email limits depend on the subscription you choose.


Marketo allows users to enter design patterns through variables and crafts or use pre-built templates. By Marketo's Email Editor 2.0 you could also expand email tools. However, because automation platform tools use high-level code, you need a similar, capable template to quickly launch the software.


With Pardot, marketers will realize that their ability to create emails will depend on how well their email templates are designed. This means that you must first invest your time in finding a solid template before you start creating more emails.

Which Software should you be choosing?

All three automation software have their strengths and weaknesses. There is no magic bullet or specific platform that can solve your marketing needs. A marketing automation platform is simply a tool that, when used properly, can be the most valuable asset in your marketing stack.

So the choice is yours. You can book a free consultation with Consult 2 Manage as we specialize in all these tools and can help you go through the platform discovery process.

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