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Published October 11, 2022
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If you're a futuristic person, you'd know that you can't control the data of a fast-growing company on a spreadsheet. This is where Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP comes in to save the day. But there are so many Shopify ERP systems on the market, finding the best solution for your store can seem a tiring job.

Businesses are getting more complex with each passing day. But an efficient, modern, and cloud-based solution expands the depth of an organization, the operations are future-proofed. Know what the market or the retailer, everyone needs a system that connects multiple integrations and has the ability to turn data into powerful insights.

But let's just go over the basics first, we must understand what is ERP and how it benefits your Shopify store.

ERP System and its Benefits

ERP basically stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, by using this one can easily integrate management tools into a single platform. It provides cross-departmental transparency and also helps in automating activities around the business.
When it comes to e-commerce it helps in Inventory Planning, Warehouse Management, and Human Resource Functions.

How does ERP help with Shopify?

For an instance, spreadsheets might help you put things into pieces but you can't handle the load for long, and at some point, because manual labor is being used and there is a possibility of data anomalies as well.
In an eCommerce business, the owner spends most of his time handling paperwork instead of focusing on what matters the most.

Benefits of ERP

Here's what you can get with Shopify ERP integration.

⦁ Better Customer Experience

Customers matter the most in the market, it's important that you value customers' happiness, and that you can do by providing a smooth experience. By integrating ERP with your Shopify store, your customer themselves will have more trust and confidence in your services and the products that you offer because they will be able to keep themselves updated with information about the purchasing process.

⦁ Productivity

ERP helps you in streamlining many platforms which will help you access everything in one place.
When you automate your daily tasks, you can reduce your workforce involved in sales by streamlining and automating web orders, this will save you a huge amount of money.

⦁ Centralized Business Insights
ERP modules help the management to decide what's better and to optimize processes in operations. With the real-time data, customers too are able to follow shipments and continue shopping with a precise inventory. You get unified inventory figures which help in mitigating all inventory errors.

Here are some pointers for your help in case you are on the hunt for an ERP system for your Shopify Store. Be smart while choosing and focusing on things that matter. A good ERP system must-haves;

⦁ Shopify Compatibility
⦁ Seamless Integration
⦁ Scalability
⦁ Ease of Use
⦁ Mobile-friendly

Huge investment in ERP solutions makes it a difficult option to choose, but in the longer run, these investments pay off. I'll be sharing the 2 best ERPs with the help of which you can smoothly run your eCommerce business.


NetSuite is one of the most well-known ERPs out there when it comes to cloud-based business management.

NetSuite has a fair share in the market, many businesses rely on NetSuite for enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory management, e-commerce sites, CRM, and financial tracking.
The cost of the solution varies based on the specifics of your requirements.

NetSuite ERP provides all businesses with a clear picture and full control of their businesses. It automates processes and combines your data with visual analytics to generate actionable insights. It is being used across more than 200 countries. The system is highly scalable, so users can customize it and more functionalities as their business grow.

Integrating NetSuite with your Shopify store will have a positive impact on the business and will help you unlock better results.


Odoo has leverages hundreds and thousands of developers to build an ecosystem of fully integrated business apps. Odoo is an open-source ERP software. Odoo offers CRM, e-commerce billing, project management, manufacturing, inventory management, account, financial management, and purchasing.

It is the best ERP solution for SMEs. Odoo is extremely easy to integrate with third-party apps, you can streamline your operations and finances.

Odoo has 30 main modules and more than 25,000 third-party apps can be integrated with it from its app store. Customers can completely customize it as per their preferences.

Is ERP for Shopify right for you?

⦁ Balance smarter hacks, it will allow you some peace of mind.
⦁ A clever solution, less workload.
⦁ Integrated data sources, all in one place.
⦁ Automate your processes.

If the above points spark your interest, then you most certainly need ERP for your Shopify store.

It is quite evident that ERP is your best friend if you want to keep your customer and business healthy. With C2M, automate your processes and boost your efficiency. We will make sure to provide an end-to-end business solution and you'll see your business at new heights.

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