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The Zapier platform is designed to handle redundant work for you automatically, so you can focus on things that matter. You can streamline business processes by automating many tasks with a single trigger using Zapier and can boost its performance by creating even multi-step Zaps. Here’s how you can benefit from integrating Zapier into your business apps.
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Zapier Overview

Zaps by Zapier allows users to move their important data and useful information across web apps automatically. Zapier works to automate workflows such as sending emails, filtering tasks, converting data etc. Keep reading to know more about some of the core features offered by Zapier and how C2M incorporates them in your business processes.
Share and transfer Zaps to collaborate with your team in Zapier
Connect new app accounts with Zapier to manage & share your app connections
Search, edit, move, copy, share, or delete your Zaps
Learn how tasks work in Zapier, and view and manage your Zap history and activity


Here’s how you can benefit from integrating Zapier into your business apps.

Customized automated workflows that fit the way you work based on a simple trigger-action model.

Extendable workflow automation with multi-step Zaps to save you even greater time.

Formatter tool to convert specific data fields into your preferred format automatically.

Webhooks for apps that cannot directly be integrated with Zaps.

Make your Zaps run exactly how and when you want them to by adding a filter so you can trust nothing will slip through the cracks.

Zap History keeps a running log of what's been automated and where your Zaps ran into errors, making troubleshooting fast and straightforward.

Consult 2 Manage has a certified team of Zapier experts and developers to help your business take full benefit of it. We follow a thorough process from Discovery to Implementation to tailor solutions as per your need.

  • Discovery and understanding of your objectives that you plan to accomplish by integrating Zapier with your business.
  • Evaluation whether integrating Zapier addresses your business problems and enables you to achieve the desired objectives or not. In case it does not, we tailor a solution that best fits your business requirements. Otherwise, we proceed through the following stages.
  • Configuration of Zapier and its customization in line with your business requirements and workflows.
  • Validation of the solution to ensure it is deployed seamlessly.
  • Implementation of the solution such that your business is now powered with Zapier.

If you are interested in implementing Zapier, please contact us by filling out the form below and our team of experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours to help you get started. We can’t wait to help make your business growth inevitable!”

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