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Over the span of many years, customer relationship management has undertaken quite a lot technical functions within the scope of an organization. Although CRM is a jargon for many people, but it has become a vital tool in sketching out business strategic processes to smoothen and optimize the customer services outcomes. It has become a crucial factor in developing and maintaining long lasting relationships between core businesses and their potential customers. With the astounding role of the CRM, various systems or programs intended to provide such a service have been improvising their tools and services drastically.

CRM integration is yet another progress in this regard. With regards to CRM frameworks, the expression "integration," in its very embodiment, implies the unification of both your marketing and sales processes to your CRM tool. This guarantees a consistent conjunction between the sales and marketing to optimize the outcomes. In its simplest structure, a CRM is an essential tool for keeping up client information through manual databases and registries; however, when synced with overall organization's frameworks of operations, these tools are key components for an enormous range of automation and robust business organization and strategies. Your life can be a lot smoother when your business operations, sales and marketing are all streamlined for full optimization factors. We at C2M utilize one of the best CRM software i.e. Zoho CRM along with its numerous add-ons to provide your organization with the best and state-of-the-art integrated framework of operations. Here is an insight of as to what and how we can help your organization streamline like never before.

Remote Access

Zoho CRM provides an opportunity to build an everlasting and concrete customer relationships all over. Gone are the days when offices and personnel were supposed to be physically set up for the execution of any plan, presentation, meeting or any other office activity for all that matters

Meetings and Presentations

Zoho allows you to conduct sales presentations and meetings, right from your CRM without any lags. You can add presentations into your sales pitch. Zoho CRM has been integrated with popular web conferencing applications such as BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Join.me, TeamViewer,  and some more as well


A platform of Zoho is Cliq which enables you to collaborate in between various individuals and teams to accelerate your team operations or even the sales. You can run your sales from your chat windows.You can video call anyone within your Cliq platform and discuss various strategies with them.


is yet another smart feature of Zoho CRM which allows you to make any number of phone calls to any client with a greater ease of access. Zoho CRM enables you to save the information of your clients and without having to dial any numbers

Productivity and Analytics

You can now keep track of your prospects regardless of wherever you are. Zoho CRM lets you receive real-time prospect alerts. Increase the productivity by receiving immediate notifications when someone visits your profile, opens your email, or mention your brand on other platforms

Mobile Application

Zoho CRM mobile application lets you start your day with a vivid overview of your scheduled tasks, events and meetings. Its mobile application makes it feasible to access the data and information in real time even in the offline mode.
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